Should triathletes kick while swimming?

Do triathletes use their legs when swimming?

Because it can be difficult and frustrating to develop an effective kick, the solution for the majority of triathletes has been to simply abandon it. Many triathletes are told to “save their legs” during the swim portion of the race because kicking wastes energy. Indeed, kicking is sometimes seen as counterproductive.

Why can’t I swim straight?

If your hips drop, your smooth, straight body position will be lost. A still, well-positioned head is the key to swimming straight. If you throw your head from side to side while swimming your body will be thrown off balance and you are likely to become quite disorientated too!

Why do swimmers not use legs?

Legs are much stronger than arms, but the limited mobility of leg joints prevent any useful motion from being generated. Swimming freestyle using your legs only generates lots of lactic acid (Meyer 1999) and uses up three quarters more oxygen than swimmingly with just your arms (Adrian 1966).

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