Quick Answer: Where can you surf in Myrtle Beach?

Is there surfing at Myrtle Beach?

Depending on the wind, tide and wave action, Myrtle Beach offers excellent surf conditions, a safe, sandy bottom, and lots of locations to hang 10. There’s something about standing atop a board and riding on the water that hooks new surfers.

Where are the biggest waves in Myrtle Beach?

The Breaks

Myrtle Beach is part of the what is called the Grand Strand, a 60-mile stretch of Atlantic coastline in South Carolina. The continental shelf, which lies more than 60 miles off the East Coast, breaks up the really big waves before they reach shore here.

What are the waves like at Myrtle Beach?

Current Surf Report for Myrtle Beach Current Conditions

  • 1ft at 7s.
  • 1.2ft at 9s.
  • Wind Swell. 0.4ft at 11s.
  • Clear Air 59°f Sea 63 °f.

Can you get in the water at Myrtle Beach?

The short answer is yes, Myrtle Beach waters are safe for visitors to swim and wade in unless they are marked otherwise.

Can you skimboard in North Myrtle Beach?

That means there are no surf or skim boards allowed on the beach between May 15 to September 15 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. except for certain authorized areas scattered throughout Ocean Drive extending to Hog Inlet. … All surfers are required to wear a surfing leash at all times.

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Can you boogie board at Myrtle Beach?

Re: Can we use boogie boards and floats at Myrtle Beach? boogie boards can be used. The only kind of float that is allowed to be used in the ocean is the canvas type with the rope around it.