Quick Answer: Where can you go white water rafting in Costa Rica?

How much does it cost to white water raft in Costa Rica?

Prices will vary, but if you’re choosing a single rafting adventure, you should budget around $60 per person. For multi-day or multi-adventure excursions, you should budget at least $100 per person per day.

What is one of the best rafting rivers in Costa Rica?

The Balsa River is one of the best spots in Costa Rica to try white water rafting, and this 6-hour tour from La Fortuna is suitable for complete beginners. Tackle the Class II and III rapids, enjoy spectacular views as you cruise through the rainforest, and look out for wildlife such as monkeys, sloths and toucans.

How much does it cost to go white water rafting in the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon National Park: Rafting Costs

A vacation whitewater rafting in Grand Canyon ranges from $360 for a motorized one-day to $6899 for an 18-day oar trip. Once on the water, trips are all inclusive with no additional costs.

Has anyone died on a zipline in Costa Rica?

A local business executive who used to head up the mall company Wilmorite has died in an accident in Costa Rica. According to a statement from Ryco Management, where John W. Anderson most recently worked, Anderson died while ziplining.

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Has anyone died zip lining in Costa Rica?

Accidents in Costa Rica

Accidents happen and there have been fatalities on canopy zip-lines, waterfall rappels, scuba diving, parachuting, ATV trail riding, and on horseback in Costa Rica.

Is it safe to swim in Costa Rica?

4. Safest Beaches in Costa Rica: Where Can You Swim? With the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea pounding the other side, Costa Rica’s beaches are famous for having big waves and fast currents. These are perfect for surfing, but not so much for gentle, safe swimming.

How do you do white water rafting?

13 White Water Rafting Beginner Tips

  1. Book Early. …
  2. Consider Everyone in Your Group. …
  3. Pick a Professional, Licensed Outfitter. …
  4. Wear a Life Jacket and Helmet at All Times. …
  5. Hold Your Paddle Correctly. …
  6. Be Familiar With Proper Swimming Techniques. …
  7. Listen to Your Guide. …
  8. Don’t Bring Too Many Electronics.