Quick Answer: What animal is Reggie in Surf’s Up?

What kind of animal is Reggie?

James Woods as Reggie Belafonte, a short-tempered sea otter, who is Tank’s manager.

Who plays Reggie Belafonte?

Is Surf’s up a true story?

Surf’s Up , the latest CG-animated feature film from Sony Pictures Animation, is based on the “true story” of up-and-coming surfer Cody Maverick. … Inspired by the legendary wave rider Big Z, Cody leaves his family and hometown of Shiverpool, Antarctica to travel to Pen Gu Island for the Big Z Memorial Surf Contest.

Why is Surf’s Up so good?

Released in 2007 as part of a wave of penguin films, Surf’s Up delivers clever animated quirks, without the often too-fast-for-human-comprehension Pixar pace, while A-listers Shia LeBoeuf, James Woods, Jeff Bridges and Zooey Deschanel voice a funny, clever script. …

What is Surf’s Up meaning?

In surfing, “surf’s up” means that the conditions of the waves are good, but when the phrase arrives in the song, it is used to conjure an image of a tidal wave.

Who voices Big Z?

Who plays the porcupine in Surf’s Up?

Besides being among the visual artists for Sony’s first two animated films, “Open Season” and the new “Surf’s Up,” Taylor is part of the audio cast. Taylor, 40, is a jack of all trades as a voice guy. He’s heard doing seven voices in “Open Season,” most conspicuously as the porcupine in the film’s animal menagerie.

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What kind of penguin is in Surf’s Up?

Whereas the penguins in “Happy Feet” were emperor penguins, the tallest and heaviest of the species, the key characters in “Surf’s Up” — Cody Maverick, the up-and-coming teenage surfer, and the Big Z, the washed-up surfer dude he idolizes — are rockhoppers, a smaller, aggressive crested species.