Question: Do you need a wetsuit in Australia?

Do you need a 4 3 wetsuit in Sydney?

For Sydney & Byron Bay water and air temperatures the most common thickness is a 3/2mm. The 3 represents the thickness in the torso area and the 2 represents the thickness in the arm and other flex areas. If you get cold easy or head south regularly a 4/3mm might be the suit you require.

Do you need to wear a wetsuit in?

The short answer is no, you don’t. There are lots of options to wear while surfing like board shorts, swim suits, jammers, dry suits, wetsuits and more. The most important things are that you are comfortable, confident, and appropriately dressed for the temperature of the water.

What wetsuit do I need for Victoria?


  • SOLD. …
  • Hyperfreak 2mm Long Sleeve Springsuit Chest Zip Wetsuit – Black. …
  • Hyperfreak 2mm Short Sleeve Springsuit Chest Zip Wetsuit – Black. …
  • Defender 2mm Long Arm Spring Suit Chest Zip Wetsuit – Black. …
  • Defender 2mm Short Arm Spring Suit Chest Zip Wetsuit – Black.

Do I need a wetsuit on the Gold Coast?

If we’re just talking about the Sunshine Coast in most cases a 2/2mm Sealed Short Sleeve or Long sleeved will cover most surfers’ needs. If you want to be extra toasty for those long winter sessions and travel south of Gold Coast a bit during winter months definitely consider a 3/2mm Sealed Full Wetsuit.

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Do I need a 4 3 or 3 2 wetsuit?

It’s fairly simple: the thicker the wetsuit, the warmer you will be. A 5/4/3 wetsuit will be much warmer than a 3/2 wetsuit. Thickness plays a small role in the durability of a wetsuit. Thicker suits, having more material, are less prone to getting tears all the way through the neoprene.

What should I wear if I don’t have a wetsuit?

Without a full wetsuit, you’re going to need to layer up to protect yourself from the cold. And it’s worth repeating again – no cotton. Instead, aim for a base layer made with polypropylene (or anything similar such as Under Armour cold gear).

Is a 3 2 wetsuit good for winter?

The most obvious difference is a thicker wetsuit will keep you warmer, as thicker neoprene means more tiny bubbles trapping in air to insulate you. … A middle ground wetsuit would be a 3/2. So for a winter wetsuit you’ll be looking for a 4/3mm or more, and for summer opt for just 2 or 3mm of neoprene.

How warm is a 3 2 wetsuit?

Wetsuit Thickness & Temperature Guide

Water Temp Range (°F) Water Temp Range (°C) Wetsuit Thickness
65°- 75° 18° – 24° 0.5 mm – 2/1 mm
62°- 68° 16° – 20° 2 mm – 3/2 mm
58°- 63° 14° – 17° 3/2 mm – 4/3 mm
52°- 58° 11° – 14° 4/3 mm – 5/4/3 mm

What mm wetsuit do I need Australia?

If you are diving, we generally recommend a 5mm for those who are diving the mid coast of Australia, if you are up north; a 3mm would probably do in the warmer waters and further south a 7mm is in order.

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