Is San Diego good for surfing?

Is it safe to surf in San Diego?

La Jolla Shores is one of San Diego’s best and most popular beaches. Somewhat protected from the prevailing southwest wind, it’s a safe, gentle spot to learn or enjoy surfing. There are year-round lifeguard services, good facilities and decent parking.

How big do the waves get in San Diego?

It’s common for San Diego to get powerful waves in the winter. But the persistence of the surf is a bit unusual. Some spots have gotten waves measuring four feet or higher almost every day since New Years. And there has been a lot of surf in the six- to 10-foot range, especially south of Torrey Pines.

What time of year is best to surf in San Diego?

Generally speaking, San Diego’s best surf season is August thru November. In late summer and early fall, big, orderly south swells combine with Santa Ana winds to produce beautiful offshore walls and barrels.

Are there sharks in San Diego?

Statistically there has been a total of 17 shark attacks in all of San Diego County since 1926. So shark attacks in the San Diego area are very rare – even though sharks are common in the area. … These include leopard, smoothhound, and baby great white sharks. Many sharks are completely harmless, unless provoked.

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Where is pipes surf spot in San Diego?

San Elijo, the beach in front of the campground, is open for day use and is ideal for families. Pipes is a fun peaky surf break north of the campground, popular with swimmers, sunbathers and surfers alike. Cardiff Reef is a quaint beach park and surf spot on the south end of the campground where the cliffs end.

Why did The Wave House in San Diego close?

“We had to shut the Plunge down,” he says. “It was a very, very sad day. The reason is that the structure is unsafe but the city knew that” when it agreed to his lease.