How old is my Hobie Kayak?

How do I tell what year my Hobie kayak is?

Serial numbers are hand-engraved using a vibration tool.

In most cases, the model is indicated with a single letter, but sometimes two letters are used.

  1. A: Month of manufacture – A (January) through L (December).
  2. 7: Last digit of the year of manufacture.
  3. 08: Last two digits of the model year.

Are Hobie kayaks worth the money?

Compared to most boats, hobies ARE cheap and hold their value as a percent of purchase price MUCH better than most other boats. It is a good product.

Do kayaks have serial number?

Serial number will be found on right side (standing at stern looking forward) of kayak just below the side seam demarcating hull and deck. … Position will vary from boat to boat but is usually within 8-18″ forward of stern. Serial numbers are scribed into hull.

Where is serial number on kayak?

To locate your kayak’s serial number look at the right (starboard) side on the back (stern) of the boat on the outside of the hull. Most, but not all boats, have a recessed area here. The serial number consists of 12 alphanumeric digits.

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Where are Hobie kayaks made?

Hobie kayaks are manufactured in California, USA.

Do Hobie kayaks have reverse?

Now comes the biggest evolution – so far. Presenting the patent-pending Hobie MirageDrive 180 forward-reverse propulsion system that is integrated into all 2017 model year Mirage kayaks. … The user can pull one of two shift cables to direct propulsion 180 degrees almost instantly from forward to reverse and back again.

What happens if your kayak doesn’t have a hin?

At the vessel owner’s request, DMV will assign a HIN for “no fee” to a vessel which does not have a HIN. The California Certificate of Ownership and a miscellaneous Statement of Facts (REG 256) form stating the vessel does not have a HIN and the name of the builder (if known) must be submitted.

How do you read a kayak serial number?


The next digit is a letter that represents the month of the year your boat was molded. The letter A represents January, B would represent February and so on. The next digit is the year the kayak was built, and the last two numbers will be the model year of the kayak.

Why does my kayak have a serial number?

The US Coast Guard uses the HIN to identify the safety standards that apply to specific boats, and to identify boats involved in a defect notification effort. Some states use the HIN for registration and titling purposes. Police and law enforcement use the HIN to trace stolen boats.

How do I contact Hobie?

Shop Customer Service

  1. Returns. Shipping.
  2. Headquarters. Hobie Cat Company. 4925 Oceanside Blvd. Oceanside, CA 92056. Phone: 1-760-758-9100. Email:
  3. Hours of Operation. Monday – Friday. 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT.
  4. Customer Service. Phone: 800-HOBIE-49 (800-462-4349) Email:
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