How much should I pay for a used kayak?

How much should I spend on a kayak?

For the most part however, you should expect to spend between $150 and $6o0 for a kayak.


Type of Kayak Average Price
Beginner Kayak $250
Fishing Kayak $300
White Water Kayak $1,095
Touring Kayak $1,925

How much do kayaks depreciate?

Elliot says that while the price of a used kayak is always changing, they depreciate about 50% five years after being bought new.

Why are used kayaks so expensive?

Another reason that kayaks are so expensive is that they are made with durability in mind. … Expensive kayaks today are usually a bit higher in price primarily because of the higher cost of manufacturing a material that is lighter than the materials that were used 20 years ago.

How can you tell if a kayak is second hand?

Check for wear, check that they are solid and check for heavy fading/UV damage if they are fabric/tape based. Grab handles can be easily replaced if required. If anything at all needs to be replaced or repaired factor them into your negotiations.

Is kayaking an expensive hobby?

Although kayaking may seem like the type of activity that would cost a lot of money to start, it can be relatively affordable if you do your research. Don’t let that price tag deter you from getting into the sport of kayaking!

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How long do kayaks last?

As previously mentioned, the kayak’s lifespan isn’t a specific amount of years. This is because a kayak’s lifespan can be as little as 4 to 6 years and as high as 12 to 15 years. However, the majority of kayaks out there have their lifespan at a relatively similar range of 7 to 12 years.

Do kayaks hold value?

Kayaks don’t hold their value because, like most other material objects, kayaks depreciate over time. However, even though the value of a kayak will naturally decrease, there are some kayaks made of materials that allow them to hold their value longer and depreciate slower.

How much does it cost to produce a kayak?

Fiberglass and epoxy costs for either method is about the same. Figure on about 4 times the length of the boat in fiberglass for a typical kayak this runs about $150 to $200.

How much will it cost to build a kayak?

Strip-Built Stitch and Glue
Fiberglass $150 – 200
Epoxy $100-200
Sundries $100
Total $450-850 $530-750

Are Hobie kayaks worth it?

Compared to most boats, hobies ARE cheap and hold their value as a percent of purchase price MUCH better than most other boats. It is a good product.

Where can I buy a used kayak?

If you prefer a specific type of kayaking that requires a certain style of kayak, like whitewater kayaking or kayak touring, then buying your own might be the only way to find the boat you are looking for.


  • Craigslist.

Where can I buy a kayak online?

Bottom Line: Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. They offer a huge selection of kayaks, and you can find kayaks ranging from recreational to whitewater kayaks. Amazon provides a broad range of kayak brands, including Sea Eagle and Advanced Elements.

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