How do you swim with a wakeboard?

Do I need to know how do you swim to wakeboard?

Yes, while riding a wakeboard itself does not involve swimming, and you should be wearing a life vest at all times, it is important to be a fairly confident swimmer before you wakeboard. You will be moving at a relatively fast pace and it is highly likely that you will fall into the water at some point!

Is it harder to water ski or wakeboard?

Relative Difficulty. Most people agree – getting up on two water skis is easier to learn than wakeboarding, and certainly than slalom skiing. You don’t have as many balance issues when you get up on two skis because you’re facing forward and using your legs for balance.

Does it hurt to fall on a wakeboard?

While there is risk for physical injury in wakeboarding, there is evidence that these injuries can be prevented. Lacerations to the head and neck, as well as concussion, are common injuries in wakeboarding. When thrown into the water, the hardest impact often occurs to the head.

How do you edge a wakeboard?

Your goal in wakeboarding should be to keep your hips at least slightly in front of you towards the boat at all times in order to be in control when edging. Your hips should be level with the water and square to the boat tower or handle corners while edging out heelside.

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