How do you store wakeboards?

Where do you store a wakeboard boat?

Wakeboard Tower racks are the best option for boat storage. They now make all kinds of tower racks for wakeboard boat with a lot of great features like swiveling arms and no rattle mounts. If you do not have a boat tower some boat has ski locker large enough for wakeboards to fit in.

What happens when you fall on a wakeboard?

Ankle and hamstring sprains or strains, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, contusions, abrasions, and leg fractures, including fractured femurs, are common injuries experienced by wakeboarders. As the wakeboarder’s ankles are bound to the board, the impact of a fall can place pressure on the ankle ligaments.

Is wakeboarding bad for your knees?

Wakeboarding poses a high risk of injury to the knees. Common mistakes, such as keeping your legs straight or locking the knees, further increase injury risk. To stay safe, keep your knees bent at all times.

What happens when you fall at a cable park?

One unique thing about cable parks is that when a rider falls, it’s up to them to get themselves back to shore and to the starting dock. There is no boat to come pick them up.

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