How do you do surf tricks on Club Penguin?

How do you grind on Club Penguin?

Mine Grind was a hard difficulty stamp in Club Penguin. In order to obtain it, you must grind around 8 corners in a game of Cart Surfer. To grind, you must press down and then turn.

How do you graduate surf lessons on Club Penguin?

Graduate is an easy difficulty stamp in Club Penguin Rewritten. It can be obtained by completing the surf lesson mode in Catchin’ Waves.

How do you flip in a Minecart on Club Penguin?

To back-flip, press the down arrow then space. This will give 100 points. To side-flip, press space then the left or right arrow. This will give 80 points.

How do you do tricks in catchin waves?

In this game, the player moves the cursor up and down to steer a penguin surfing along the wave.


Name Method
Backstand ↓ + ← or S + A
Surf Fever → + ↑ or D + W
Shooting the tube Hold ↓ until reaching the curved part of the wave
Frontflip Move the mouse in clockwise circles while in the air

How do you maximize coins in Cart Surfer?

The most efficient way to get coins on Cart Surfer was to alternate the Flip and Spin, Handstand or Run on Tracks: a 100 scoring stunt and any of the 80 scoring ones. Cart Grind was the highest scoring stunt for the turns. It also helped to crash a few times near the end, which gave the player more time to do tricks.

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What are all the tricks in Cart Surfer?

All the tricks

Trick key Trick name
Down and left/right Player turns mine cart left/right horizontally
Space and down The player jumps in their mine cart
Up twice Player does a handstand from the front of their mine cart
Up and left/right Player stands on their mine cart and leans left/right

How do you get the trick master stamp on Club Penguin?

Trick Master is a medium difficulty stamp on Club Penguin Rewritten. It can be obtained by doing all of the tricks possible (which are 14 tricks) in Cart Surfer in one go.