How do I install wakeboard tower on Origin?

Can you put a wakeboard tower on any boat?

Depending on the beam width, you will be able to fit one or even several wakeboard tower models. All our universal wakeboard towers are designed to be adjustable and can fit just about any inboard boat made in the last 50 years.

Are wake Towers adjustable?

A Long Tradition of Building the Best Wake Towers

We only use the best materials like superior 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy which is stronger than 6063 aluminum used by many competitors. All our wakeboard towers feature an adjustable frame to ensure a perfect fit on almost all inboard boats.

Is wakeboarding harder than waterskiing?

Wakeboarding is much harder and more complicated than waterskiing, but incredibly fulfilling once you get the hang of it! Plus, after you know how to waterski, then wakeboarding will be easier to learn. … Wakeboarding also has one thick shorter board for wakeboarding.

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