How do I become a lifeguard for surfing?

How do you become a lifeguard for the Ocean?

Requirements to become an ocean lifeguard vary from department to department, but most must:

  1. Be 18 years old by the first day of academy.
  2. Have a high school diploma or GED.
  3. Have a valid driver’s license.
  4. Have vision correctable to 20/40.
  5. Have functional color vision.
  6. Have normal hearing.

How long does it take to become an ocean lifeguard?

Successful completion of the California State Park Lifeguard Training Program. (8 days/80+ hours) Includes department certification in CPR & AED, Public Safety First Aid, and open water search & rescue and other aquatic lifesaving techniques.

What qualifications do I need to be a lifeguard?

What is needed to start the lifeguard training course:

  • You need to be 16+.
  • Must be able to jump, much preferably, dive into deep water. …
  • Swim 50 meters, two lengths of an average pool, in 60 seconds. …
  • Swim 100 meters continuously, at your own pace, on front and back in deep water. …
  • Tread water for 30 consecutive seconds.

How much do ocean lifeguards get paid?

The salaries of Ocean Lifeguards in the US range from $14,783 to $30,790 , with a median salary of $19,500 . The middle 57% of Ocean Lifeguards makes between $19,500 and $20,812, with the top 86% making $30,790.

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Can you be a lifeguard at 14?

To be part of our industry leading world-class organisation, our lifeguards must be 17 years or over and demonstrate high levels of fitness, excellent rescue and people skills, and hold the following qualifications: Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion/Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)

How much do LA lifeguards make?

Lifeguard in Los Angeles, CA Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
City of Los Angeles Lifeguard salaries – 8 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $19/hr
Six Flags Lifeguard salaries – 7 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $11/hr
Premier Aquatics Lifeguard salaries – 7 salaries reported Los Angeles, CA Area $15/hr

What is the lifeguard certification test?

During this test, you will be required to continuously swim 300 yards, either front crawl or breast stroke. You are also required to tread water for two minutes without the use of your hands. … Once you’ve’ve demonstrated you can swim, you will be required to complete the lifeguard brick test.

Is lifeguard training difficult?

Lifeguarding tests, in my experience, are generally so easy that if passing them is a concern, you should reconsider an occupation where people’s lives can depend on your swimming ability.

Do lifeguards actually save people?

Lifeguards have always provided first aid as well as rescue. … In fact, from 1986 through 1999, USLA reported that in California, while beach attendance has increased, so has the amount of lifeguard education (See Figure 1 in Appendix) (USLA 2000). Although rescue activity fluctuated, the number of drownings is down.

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Why do LA lifeguards make so much?

It sounds like the biggest reason these Los Angeles lifeguards make so much cash is because of overtime. The report states that 31 lifeguards in Los Angeles made between $50,000 and $131,493 in overtime over the course of the year.

Is lifeguarding a good career?

If you’re looking for a job with an opportunity to learn, take ownership in your work, and assume more responsibility as you go, lifeguarding is an excellent fit. Remember: lifeguards protect the safety and well-being of anyone who comes to the pool. Few summer jobs can top that in responsibility.

Who pays for lifeguards on beaches?

Do you receive funding towards the lifeguard service you provide? We receive a small amount from the appropriate local authorities and beach owners which helps to meet the cost of lifeguard wages, but the majority of funding for our lifeguard service is from voluntary contributions.