Frequent question: How long does it take to sail across the Mediterranean?

How long does it take to sail from UK to Mediterranean?

Taking 3 months to do the voyage from (say) Portsmouth to (say) Port St Louis would involve some fairly concentrated passage-making and it would be easy to take 6 months or more.

Is Mediterranean better than Caribbean?

The Caribbean has gained a reputation for being a tropical paradise while the Mediterranean prides itself on the freshest food in the world and stunning cliffside abodes. Of course, both of these destinations have so much more to offer than that, with many differences, such as the cost of travel, between each.

Can a beginner sail around the world?

Yes, in a variety of situations! Most novice sailors assume they’re on their own when considering circumnavigation, but that’s not the case. Different circumnavigation options exist for novice sailors – aside from the 100% DIY version – and these scenarios are worth exploring.

How long does it take to sail to Spain from UK?

Sailings to Spain from the UK take between 18 and 37 hours depending on route and departure time. Sailings from Plymouth to Santander are the shortest crossings with one night on board. Sailings from Portsmouth are either one or two nights on board.

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Can you sail to Gibraltar from UK?

There aren’t any ferries from England to Gibraltar. The only way is to get a cruise, but then you will only get a day in Gib.

Can you sail from UK to Greece?

There are no ferries from the UK to Greece. They could not possibly compete with land transport. You could take a ferry (or the Tunnel) across to France and drive to Bari in Italy, from where there are ferries to Greece.

How far can you sail in 1 day?

If you ask how many nautical miles can you sail in a day, you should know that on average, sailboats can sail up to 100NM (that is 115 miles or 185km) in one day when they run downwind. If you use the engine, the distance can increase to 130NM if you travel longer.

Is Mediterranean Sea rough?

Rough Waters: Cruise travelers might experience rough seas in several places in Europe. The biggest offender is the Mediterranean, which tends to be roughest in the fall and winter, due to winds and storms. However, avid cruisers have experienced rough seas in the spring and summer, so be prepared for anything.

Is the Mediterranean good for sailing?

Sailing a yacht around the Mediterranean Sea is a dream or lifelong aspiration for many sailors. … But long term cruising around the Mediterranean is like long term cruising anywhere – there are ups and downs, excitement for good and bad reasons – and generally as much fun as you want to make it.

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Do you need a license to sail a sailboat?

Simply put, sailing a boat is as strict in terms of test competency as it is when it comes to a car license. … In other words, some states require you to obtain a license to sail a boat. Unlike places like the UK and Australia, the United States does not have a clear-cut law on whether you need a license to sail a boat.