Frequent question: How do you catch a bee in the raft?

What do you need for bees in raft?

You need to collect 15 Bee Jars to craft the Beehive. To obtain Bee Jars, you will need to head to either Balboa Island or another rare Large Island type that has honeycomb on it. Once you arrive at one of these islands, you will need to have a Sweep Net.

How do I get more bee jar in the raft?

Summary. Four to five Bee Jars are acquired when Bee Swarms are caught with a Sweep Net. While catching bees, be wary that the swarm may deal a small amount of damage while near the player.

Can you touch bees without getting stung?

Honey bees are docile and gentle creatures. You can make it through your entire first season without receiving a single sting. Your friends, family and neighbors shouldn’t have to worry, either. Honey bees use their stingers only as a last resort to defend the colony.

How do you hold a bee without getting stung?

How do beekeepers avoid getting stung?

  1. Gloves are a useful way to avoid stings. Some beekeepers choose not to wear them, because they can limit dexterity.
  2. The Buddha Bee Apiary founder, Justin, using a smoker while inspecting a hive.
  3. Always stand next to or behind a beehive to avoid stings. Never directly in front.
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How do you make honey in a raft?

Honey is produced from six Honeycombs and one Glass. The player will get two Honey from this.

What do you do with a honeycomb in a raft?

Can be used to create honey jars. The Honeycomb is a Material in Raft.