Do all wakeboard towers fold down?

Are wakeboard towers collapsible?

Completely silent and fully collapsible, you can enhance your ride with the coolest universal wakeboard tower on the market.

Are wake towers universal?

Wakeboard Tower Features:

Universal Towers Designed to Fit Most Boats. True Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum. All Towers Fold Down for Storage. Super Strong & Stable Performance.

Can you remove a wakeboard tower?

Tower shouldn’t be too difficult to remove, but you’ll have some gelcoat repair to do once it’s gone.

Can you put a wakeboard tower on any boat?

Depending on the beam width, you will be able to fit one or even several wakeboard tower models. All our universal wakeboard towers are designed to be adjustable and can fit just about any inboard boat made in the last 50 years.

How hard is it to install a wakeboard tower?

Installation was easy, but you will need a helper. I strongly suggest beefing up the mounting points on the deck. Other than that, you just have to be willing to drill holes in an otherwise perfectly good boat.

How much is a wake tower for a boat?

Saber Wakeboard Tower Pricing

Towers Cost
Talon Rack – Wake/Surf $315
Talon Rack – Surf/Surf $330
Talon Rack – Wake/Surf/Wake $420
Talon Rack – Wake/Kneeboard $360

How much is a new ski boat?

Expect to pay somewhere between $35K and $200K for a good, new ski boat. Ski Boats have come a long way since their inception in the 60s. The trademark of a good Ski Boat is being able to pull hard from a dead stop and to create the smallest wake possible, creating optimum conditions for water skiing.

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