Can you flip rows in Excel?

Is it possible to swap rows in Excel?

Excel allows you to swap the data between two columns or rows in seconds by holding Shift on your keyboard. … Click and hold your mouse and “Shift” until you see a gray line appear under the row you want to switch the data with. Let go of the mouse button, and the data will switch places.

Can you flip the rows and columns in Excel?

If you have a worksheet with data in columns that you need to rotate to rearrange it in rows, use the Transpose feature. With it, you can quickly switch data from columns to rows, or vice versa. … Select the range of data you want to rearrange, including any row or column labels, and press Ctrl+C.

How do you swap rows in sheets?

Move rows or columns

  1. On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Select the rows or columns to move.
  3. At the top, click Edit.
  4. Select the direction you want to move the row or column, like Move row up.
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How can I insert multiple rows in Excel?

How to insert multiple rows in Excel

  1. Select the row below where you want the new rows to appear.
  2. Right click on the highlighted row and select “Insert” from the list. …
  3. To insert multiple rows, select the same number of rows that you want to insert.

How do I convert multiple rows to columns in Excel?

How to use the macro to convert row to column

  1. Open the target worksheet, press Alt + F8, select the TransposeColumnsRows macro, and click Run.
  2. Select the range that you want to transpose and click OK:
  3. Select the upper left cell of the destination range and click OK:

How do I rotate 180 degrees in Excel?

Selecting a Cell

  1. Select the single cell that you want to rotate its text contents by clicking it.
  2. Right-click the selected cell and select “Format Cells…” from the popup menu. …
  3. Click the “Alignment” tab.
  4. Under “Orientation,” type in or a select a number to rotate the text by the indicated degree.

How do I switch columns and rows in R?

Rotating or transposing R objects

You can rotate the data. frame so that the rows become the columns and the columns become the rows. That is, you transpose the rows and columns. You simply use the t() command.

How do you swap cells in sheets?

Steps to Swap Cells in Google Sheets

  1. Click on the name of the column (B in this example).
  2. Click and drag the mouse key until the grey vertical bar is at the right of the column (moving right) or left (moving left).
  3. The elements in column B will now be in D, and the older values in D will be in C, instead of B.
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How do you swap cells in Excel?

Figure 1.

  1. Select the right-most cell you want to swap (in this case, cell D3).
  2. Press Ctrl+X. …
  3. Select the left-most cell you want to swap (in this case, cell C3).
  4. Press Ctrl++ (that’s Ctrl plus the plus sign, which is the same as pressing Shift+Ctrl+=).

How do you swap two columns in Excel?

Left click on the edge of the column and hold the Shift key. Drag the column to the one you want to swap it with. You should see a ‘|’ line indicating where the next column will be inserted. Release the mouse and the Shift key.