Can I use GoPro for scuba diving?

Which GoPro is best for scuba?

The 5 Best Gopro for Scuba Diving 2021 Reviews

  1. GoPro HERO7 Black. (Best Overall – Editor’s Choice) …
  2. GoPro HERO5 Black. (Best Budget) …
  3. GoPro HERO6 Black. (Best Image Stabilization) …
  4. GoPro HERO9 Black. (Best Value for the Money) …
  5. GoPro HERO8 Black. Shop now at Amazon.

What is the best GoPro setting for underwater?

Best GoPro Settings for Underwater Photos and Video

  • 1080 Resolution.
  • 60 Frames Per Second.
  • Lens WIDE.
  • Hypersmooth Image Stabilization.
  • ISO 400.
  • Sharpness High.
  • Color on GoPro, Auto White Balance.
  • Turn Screensaver and Auto Off to Never.

Which GoPro is best for driving?

If you want the very best GoPro model to take on your road trip, it has to be the GoPro Hero 7 Black. This new release is a huge improvement on the other GoPros, and as well as being great fun to use, it’s going to create professional looking, top quality road trip videos.

Is GoPro 7 waterproof without case?

Yes. so long as all camera doors are closed, these cameras are waterproof down to 10m (33ft) without a housing. … HERO7 Silver and White can use the Protective Housing, allowing the use of the camera up to a depth of 131ft (40m).

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Can go pro 9 go underwater?

GoPro Hero 9 Black

Like the 7, the Hero 9 is waterproof down to 33 feet on its own and has a protective underwater housing capable of going much deeper. … GoPro isn’t the only name in action or waterproof cameras by any stretch, but it is the biggest.

Is the GoPro 9 really waterproof?

HERO9 Black is rugged and waterproof right out of the box, but this housing handles anything you can throw at it. It protects from dirt and flying debris, and it’s waterproof down to 196ft (60m) for deep-water diving.

How deep can you dive with GoPro 9?

How far underwater can you dive with GoPro cameras? HERO10 Black and HERO9 Black are waterproof to 33ft (10m) with the door closed. You won’t need additional housing before diving in.

What GoPro settings should I use?

The 6 Best GoPro Hero4 Silver Settings

  • Video Setting. The all-around best video setting is 1080p Wide at 60fps (frames per second). …
  • Burst Mode. Choose 30 in 1 second or 30 in 3 seconds. …
  • Time-Lapse Photo Mode. For a sunrise/sunset or normal cloud movement choose to shoot at 2 second intervals.